This site is for you if you suffer from depression, anxiety, chronic illness or any of the other symptoms of stress.

The fields of psychology and psychotherapy have been tremendously useful in helping us understand the link between our childhood wounds and adult emotional problems, and making this connection can help free us from the pain of our past.

But, according to Donna Jackson Nakazawa in her groundbreaking work Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology,

'...research tells us that often, childhood adversity leads to ...deep-seated changes within the brain, and that depression and mood dysregulation are also set in motion on a cellular and neurobiological level.'

The shortcoming of most medical fields, including talk therapies and psychiatry, is that they don't have any way of addressing these biological changes at a cellular level - and this is key if we want to heal from the affect of our past on our lives today.

I often hear from my clients that their childhoods were 'not that bad' or they had an 'almost perfect childhood'. Luckily, we now know where the seeds of adult illness and distress are sown, thanks to the work of people like Drs. Vincent Filletti and Robert Anda in their seminal studies on Adverse Childhood Experiences. It turns out that the key to whether our childhood affects our adult lives (or not) has to do with unpredictable stress. The effects of chronic, unpredictable stress in our childhoods on our stress response, immune system and ultimately, our brain function last way into adulthood, and keep on affecting us until we deal with it.

Fortunately for us, the relatively new field of energy psychology is starting to provide solutions to dealing with the effects of chronic, unpredictable stress on our bodies and brains, at a cellular level. Still in its infancy in South Africa, different forms of energy psychology are slowly becoming more mainstream. Modalities like Emotional Freedom Technique, EMDR and even NLP are starting to be used by psychologists that are looking for more effective ways of helping their clients heal.

The ReCode© methodology was born out of my training as an Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. While these are powerful techniques on their own, it was when I discovered and added the Healing Code that my clients started to experience the biggest shifts and healing. The Healing Code actually starts to heal the damage done in the brain by toxic levels of stress chemicals in our bodies from an early age. I have seen my clients permanently overcome all the symptoms of stress, and many related conditions like anxiety and depression - and even 'incurable' disease like cancers and asthma - using the combination of these different modalities, that I have packaged together as ReCode©. Why ReCode©? Because we are literally recoding our biology at a cellular level. This calms the stress response, and allows the immune system to function optimally to heal our bodies.